Award-winning extension in Finchley

This terraced home in North West London has been expanded and completely remodelled, utilising a side return extension, designed by Coffey Architects, to create a stylish open-plan kitchen and living area that is connected to the garden by SF55i bifold doors that Folding Future installed.

The owners of the home faced the same issues that so many of those who live in urban terraced streets face – that the rear of the house with its small, box shaped rooms aren’t adequate for modern living and that the side return is a wasted space that offers nothing to the home or garden.

By incorporating the side return within the structure of the ground floor of the house, the whole space could be completely opened up to create a stunning open-plan kitchen and living area.

The remodelling of the ground floor was designed to be in keeping with the rest of the house and the street. The interior is finished in conservation-area friendly yellow brick with polished concrete flooring that make the divide between inside and out almost indistinguishable.

Above the side return a large glass roof has been incorporated into the design, filling the new room full of natural light, whilst across the back of the house a 4-panel set of SUNFLEX SF55i bifold doors provides access to the patio and garden.

To provide a seamless transition between inside and out we worked closely with both SUNFLEX UK and the architects so that the outer frames of the bifold doors could be recessed precisely into the ceiling and walls, whilst the low-threshold track is sunken into the flooring to offer a completely flush finish between the internal and external concrete floor finish.

The extension was finished to such an exceptional standard that it was recognised by multiple architectural awards, including the RIBA London Awards, the Stephen Lawrence Prize and Architects Journal’s ‘Small Projects Awards‘.

Images used courtesy of Coffey Architects